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Episode 9: Here Comes 2012

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Welcome to 2012, where quality control trumps all things.

The new year is here, and we already have had a great start with such titles as Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Resident Evil: Revelaitons (typo intended…right Capcom?). In this episode we take a look at our backlog from 2011 and some of the games we’ve finally caught up on, and also discuss what games are coming up in the 2012 gaming year. To our surprise, we realized during the recording of this episode that there are actually a bunch of video games to look forward to this year.

Enjoy the music clips we pulled from Gradius and Contra in this episode. As always, thank you Horse the band for allowing us to use their song “Birdo” as our TGOJ theme song.

Episode 8: 2011 In Review – The TGOJ Holiday Special

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Nothing says 'Happy Holidays' like a huge Pac Man Christmas Tree.

The holidays are just around the corner and we have been bombarded with some great games within the last couple months. The year started off pretty bad, but we ended up with more great games this year than anyone had time and money to spend on them. Since the three of us here at TGOJ have been trying to find time for all the gaming action 2011 has offered us across multiple platforms, we haven’t had time to do our Wolfenstein homework once again. In this episode we walk you through all the great games we have enjoyed over the year, let you know what we thought was worth your time and money, and provide you our standard rants and rambling.  This episode is heavily loaded with Xbox 360 games since that is the system of choice here at TGOJ, but we didn’t leave other gaming platforms completely out. Most of these games are cross platform anyways so keep that in mind if you search for any of the games we mention. We hope you enjoy this episode and we will talk at you all next year with what we hope will be some more entertaining content. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone and thank you again for listening to and reading our content!

Enjoy the music clips we pulled from Tetris, Shadowgate, Faxanadu, Mega Man 2 and Contra in this episdoe.  As always, thank you Horse the band for allowing us to use their song “Birdo” as our TGOJ theme song.

Episode 7: The Elder Scrolls

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This week, we sadly lost Mike to the void that is “the holidays” and he wasn’t able to record. That being so, your hosts Derek and Josh went ahead and recorded without him! We decided to hold off on the Wolfenstein/Id Software episode since Mike is our resident Id games specialist, and instead discussed some of our memories of past and current Elder Scrolls games. Its a bit longer than our standard podcast, but we hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed talking about The Elder Scrolls.

Also be sure to check out our podcast archive to catch up on any of the episodes you may have missed!

Oblivion and Skyrim are unbelievable games, but the series dates back to 1994 and started with these two games.

Episode 6: DOOM

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DOOM!!!!  Doom was one of the defining games in the early days of the first-person shooter genre, and it’s still a damn fun game today. But I won’t make you waste brain cycles reading text… when you can listen instead!

It takes huge balls to attack this guy with a chainsaw while there's a rocket flying out of his crotch.

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Episode 2: Metroid (Part 3)

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Alright everyone, since it appears our Metroid podcast is in high demand…we want to bring you our final episode of the series.  Be prepared to play Metroid like the hand model in the above picture!

Episode 2: Metroid (Part 2)

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Since part 1 of this episode hit a whopping 16 downloads, we decided it was time to go 16-bit and give you part 2: Super Metroid!  Check it out, and as always, send us your feedback.

Episode 2: Metroid (Part 1)

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Metriod NES cover


So it turns out that it takes a while to talk about an 11-game (and counting) series. How long? About 3 podcast episodes. Here’s part 1 of our 3-part series on the Metroid games. This part covers Metroid, Metroid Zero Mission, and Metroid 2.

Again, we’d like to thank Horse the band for allowing us to use their song “Birdo” as our intro theme song.

Be sure to let us know what you think! You can post a comment below, send us an e-mail, or hit us on Facebook or Twitter.

Episode 1: Three Guys, First Joysticks (Part 2)

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The dawn of console gaming!

Since so many people have been asking for it (I was being funny just then), here’s the 2nd part of Episode 1!  Should we have called this “Episode 2”? Probably. Did we? No!!

Listen and send us your feedback, or just post a comment below.  And don’t forget to listen to Part 1 if you haven’t already heard it.

Episode 1: Three Guys, First Joysticks (Part 1)

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Its a joystick.

Here it is – the first part of the first episode of the first podcast by the guys at Three Guys One Joystick!  In this episode, we discuss some of our earliest gaming memories.

The episode turned out a little longer that we had expected, so we’ve broken it into two easily digestible parts.  Check it out, and let us know what you think!

Special thanks go to HORSE the Band for letting us use their song Birdo (iTunesAmazon) as our intro theme!  And thanks in advance to Konami for not suing us for using music from Contra!