About Three Guys One Joystick

We are three guys who discuss video gaming (especially retro games), gaming trends, the history of video games and the impact the video game industry has had on us and everyone else. We’ve played a lot of video games in our life time and hope to share our experiences and opinions with you and entertain you in the process.

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Three Guys One Joystick, is a team of two brothers (JOSH and DEREK) and their best friend (MIKE), who have been gamers since the 80’s (playing games that date back as far as the mid 70’s). We’ve all played the same games, on the same platforms and we (mostly) love playing the same video games. Don’t be surprised if most of what we talk about was played on the NES, PC or SNES.

Atari, NES, Game & Watch, GameBoy, Sega, Game Gear, Lynx, SNES, Genesis, Atari Jaguar, Saturn, N64, PlayStation, Virtual Boy, Dreamcast, GameCube, Xbox, PS2, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PC Gaming, Dos Games, Windows Games, Mac Games, just to name a few platforms we’ve gotten our hands on… They all have impacted our lives in some way and we plan on taking a look back at everything we’ve played, provide you “re-reviews” of older games, and maybe just rant about some of the current trends and games we don’t like…and of course talk about the classics we do like.

We welcome feedback and input. One of our main goals is to form a community and forum in which we can all share our input on the topics we present and just talk about the great hobbie that is video gaming. We’d also like your input on what you would like to hear us talk about. We here at Three Guys One Joystick hope you enjoy this project, and we look forward to talking to you.

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