Nintendo Reports a Loss and Warns of Worse to Come

by Josh



Last week, Nintendo reported a loss and has posted an even bleaker outlook for its full-year earnings. This may not come as a shock to some considering its aging Wii system and the rocky start the 3DS had. This sparked a conversation Mike, Derek and I had the other day about Nintendo’s life-bar and its 3DS handheld system. Enjoy the very grammatically incorrect and chock full of spelling errors dialogue we had after the break!


Nintendo should come back. They will be taking a hit short term though…but I’ve listened to a lot of opinions reputable journalists have had and it sounds like the 3DS is gaining momentum. I’m not sure what Microsoft and Sony are reporting for finances but it can’t be better than Nintendo and if they are, then sorry. The WiiU has turned investors off though…but from what I remember, the Wii did as well (at first I think). And Sony’s Vita looks like a piece of shit and is not selling well at all in its home Country, which should help Nintendo there as being the “better” handheld system. We also have to remember how bad the DS did at first until it became the fastest selling handheld system ever. I may get a 3DS when the next iteration comes out, and probably won’t get a WiiU…but I will be sad if Nintendo doesn’t make another comeback. Sad Panda….


I don’t know man… the Wii has been out for a few years now, and I’d say I’ve still bought a total of less than 10 retail games for it. I got about 10 new Xbox games just in the last couple months (between xmas gifts and my own purchases). They REALLY need the Wii U to be more than a dumping ground for shovelware with waggle controls. We know from the iOS world that touch screen controls can produce equally shitty games. I don’t see people waiting in line for days at a time to buy a console with a controller that’s basically the same thing as the iPad they likely already own. It’s not nearly as innovative as the original Wii’s motion controls were.

If that’s all they’re gonna contribute to gaming anymore, I’d rather see them make Mario and Zelda and Metroid for somebody else’s console. But they’re fucking stubborn and they’ve said they’d rather go out of business than do that. So… fuck.
I think the Vita looks pretty good, but the biggest problem I have with it is the overpriced proprietary memory cards. Gee… that sounds like EVERY product Sony has ever made. I was considering putting down a pre-order on one of those until I heard about that. Now I’m gonna wait to see if it does better than the PSP before I think of buying one.
Oh and I’m still not interested in the 3DS. I played Mario Land 3D and I agree it used the 3D effect well, but the game didn’t seem any more fun as a result. Mario Kart 7 sounds exactly like every Mario Kart that came before it, but (you guessed it) in 3D. That’s not enough to make me buy a system.  Oh and the other big title… Ocarina 3D. Not even a new entry in the series, but a remake of a game I’ve already beaten ~3 times on different consoles. Maybe they’ll put out something awesome, but the stuff that’s there so far really doesn’t do it for me.
Holy shit, I had an opinion on something! I thought married life had beaten that out of me…


Poor Nintendo. I played a demo of Mario 3D and it was tempting me to buy a 3DS but they need more games. A common Nintendo problem. Not enough decent games at any one given time. I bought a PSP at launche and it blew more than Hurricane Katrina and I practically begged someone to buy it from me. After reading the reviews of their new Vagina (aka Vita) portable system it seems like it’ll blow more. Even the Wikipedia says it sucks. Or the initial sales did. Wiki doesn’t lie!!! Once Xbox adds a blue ray player to the system then it’ll take over the world. Nintendo and play station will cease to exist. And if there will be a portable system to rule the market, that’ll be Nintendo’s domain. Doubt the Sony Vag will do any better than the 3DS. Does the PS3 have any original (good) games? Or is it still an overpriced blue ray player that plays games that are also on the Xbox?


Oh shit… we got an Xbox fanboy in the house and his name is Derek! But I don’t disagree. If Xbox had blu-ray, PS3 wouldn’t have done nearly as well.

There are some good PS3-exclusive games. Off the top of my head:
  • God of War 3
  • Metal Gear Solid 4
  • Uncharted series (2 was awesome, and I still have 3 sitting around in shrink wrap)
  • Ratchet and Clank series
  • Resistance series (not really revolutionary by today’s standards, but I think it was when R1 it came out)
  • Killzone? Some people like it but I tried a demo and was completely underwhelmed.
And of course most of the games we play on Xbox (Battlefield, Dead Island, Fallout, Skyrim, etc) are also available on PS3.
The PSP certainly didn’t do as well as anyone hoped. But it’s a good system for SRPGs:
  • Final Fantasy Tactics (though it feels kinda dated at this point and I prefer FFTA2 on DS)
  • Tactics Ogre (remade in 2011)
  • Disgaea 1 and 2
  • Jeanne D’Arc
and JRPGs:
  • Final Fantasy 7-9 (via PS1 emulation)
  • Suikoden (also PS1)
  • Vagrant Story (PS1)
  • Trails in the Sky
  • Corpse Party (if I ever get around to playing it… and not to be confused with Skull Fucker)
Also I have Mega Man X and Castlevania SOTN on PSP.
PS Vita is supposed to be (almost) as powerful as the PS3, and has dual-analog sticks built in (not on some goofy-ass afterthought attachment like the 3DS). It’s supposed to play all the downloadable games from PSP, which I assume would include PS1 games. But it also has a touch screen on the front and a touch-sensitive back, so we’ll see how many developers do horrible shitty things with that.


Derek’s anger amuses me and makes me laugh…maybe we are Xbox fanboys (even though the PS2 is still probably my second favorite console of all time…go ahead and guess my first everyone.  Starts with NE and ends with S).

Supporting and justifying Derek’s hate of the PSP…he did get it during its launch and I’d say, like all systems at launch, the launch titles weren’t completely awesome. That and the original PSP was bulky and sometimes shitty to hold. Not like the original DS was any better.  So Derek’s justification in getting rid of that as fast as a hot plate of dog shit is valid.

Back to Nintendo though…since that is what we are bitching about I think, they do have an uphill battle ahead of them.  I don’t want them to fail, and I hope that the WiiU impresses and the second iteration of the 3DS is great because I do want a 3DS eventually. We all know that Nintendo is at its best when they are under pressure and losing money. Once Derek and I have a 3DS, Mike will be the loser kid who isn’t hip and doesn’t own the cool gadgets and will come over to my place after school to use my 3DS…meanwhile I will only be doing it to get closer to his hot sister to bang her (if you had a hot sister) because you are a loser and don’t own a 3DS.  The end.


Oh ya absolutely… the PSP did suck back then. Most (all?) of the games I listed were released well after Derek sold his PSP (and after the launch of the PSP). I don’t blame him at all for selling when he did. I’m just saying it didn’t remain a complete and utter turd forever.

And I guess that fact also backs up the point you’re both making about the 3DS – that it may suck donkey nuts right now, but that doesn’t mean it will continue to suck them.

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