TGOJ Review – DLC Quest

by Josh

Buy this game right now if you have a buck.

I was introduced to this game just a few days ago by Mike…and within two hours, I finished this game. Within those two hours, DLC Quest won me over. DLC Quest isn’t a long or complex and deep game. It’s also not retro by any means. So why do I care? Follow me after the jump to read why I think this game, and its developer, need some attention.


An Xbox Live Indie game that deserves your time.

DLC Quest’s mechanics and plot are simple and straightforward: take control of a hero to set out and save the kidnapped princess from the bad guy while navigating the game’s basic 2D platforming landscape. As I said before, the game will take you no more than two hours to complete. A little more time may be needed to grab all the “awardments”, which are the in-game¬†achievements and challenges. The other facet of this game that drew me in is its humor. DLC Quest’s main hook, so to speak, is the DLC (downloadable content) purchases you must make within the game (using in-game money, no micro transactions here!). This game takes a jab at the nickel-and-dime, DLC platform we so commonly see nowadays that is set up to sell us crap from the day a game is released just to steal money from the hungry gamer’s pockets. The purchases of the in-game DLC packs in DLC Quest are required to progress through the game and the gamer will spend most of his/her time figuring out how to acquire the necessary DLC packs. From the horse armor pack, to the sexy outfit pack…this game doesn’t hold back and the result is something entertaining.

The DLC Packs remind us of all the bullshit DLC we have purchased in the past. Horse armor anyone?

Humor aside, the game also plays well…once you get the DLC pack that allows you to move freely in the game world of course. The controls are tight and get the job done. The game is a straightforward, coin-collecting platformer that is easy to pick up and acts as a nice stress-free diversion. It wouldn’t be false to call this game a pleasant gaming diversion, but that also may not do the game justice or give the developers credit. Great care was put into the making of this game, and the quality is apparent. The game boasts a great retro visual style. ¬†From the music to the graphics, it has a nice 8-bit feel with a great old-school-game sound track.

Every game needs zombies.

DLC Quest, released in November, was developed by Going Loud Studios and can be found on the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace. Going Loud Studios has also released a couple other games (Lair of the Evildoer and Zombie Accountant) that I also plan on checking out and letting our readers know if they are a hit or a miss. I’m eager for more games from indie developers like Going Loud Studio. If I can get some quality gaming at such a cheap price like I did with DLC Quest, then I don’t mind throwing my money (or Microsoft Points) away to support indie game developers making great games like this one. DLC Quest is one dollar people; that is the cost of a shitty iPhone app you probably won’t pay attention to for two hours. This game gets a TGOJ three thumbs up. I just invented our rating system – how about that!

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