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Episode 8: 2011 In Review – The TGOJ Holiday Special

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Nothing says 'Happy Holidays' like a huge Pac Man Christmas Tree.

The holidays are just around the corner and we have been bombarded with some great games within the last couple months. The year started off pretty bad, but we ended up with more great games this year than anyone had time and money to spend on them. Since the three of us here at TGOJ have been trying to find time for all the gaming action 2011 has offered us across multiple platforms, we haven’t had time to do our Wolfenstein homework once again. In this episode we walk you through all the great games we have enjoyed over the year, let you know what we thought was worth your time and money, and provide you our standard rants and rambling.  This episode is heavily loaded with Xbox 360 games since that is the system of choice here at TGOJ, but we didn’t leave other gaming platforms completely out. Most of these games are cross platform anyways so keep that in mind if you search for any of the games we mention. We hope you enjoy this episode and we will talk at you all next year with what we hope will be some more entertaining content. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone and thank you again for listening to and reading our content!

Enjoy the music clips we pulled from Tetris, Shadowgate, Faxanadu, Mega Man 2 and Contra in this episdoe.  As always, thank you Horse the band for allowing us to use their song “Birdo” as our TGOJ theme song.

Even More Video Game Sales

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Steam took my moneys.

As if the sales at Good Old Games were not enough, the folks at Steam rolled out their holiday sales today. Running from December 19th to January 1st, Steam will post new deals daily. Steam already took my money during its Black Friday week long sale, may as well give them more money! Have at it gamers…SPEND!

TGOJ Review – DLC Quest

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Buy this game right now if you have a buck.

I was introduced to this game just a few days ago by Mike…and within two hours, I finished this game. Within those two hours, DLC Quest won me over. DLC Quest isn’t a long or complex and deep game. It’s also not retro by any means. So why do I care? Follow me after the jump to read why I think this game, and its developer, need some attention. Read more »

More Holiday Video Game Sales

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There have been way too many video game sales and deals since Thanksgiving…but we aren’t really complaining. Good Old Games have some pretty sweet deals on the way. For anyone wanting to check out one of the best catalogs of old school PC game goodness, I suggest you head over to their site. The deals begin December 12th. If you feel guilty that you are spending money on yourself instead of your loved ones, well you can always gift them a game as well to take advantage of the sales! Happy retro game shopping everyone!!

Fortune Street

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I just got an e-mail from Nintendo about a new Wii game called Fortune Street. WTF… did anyone know this was coming? It looks like a cross between Monopoly and Culdcept Saga (which was already a cross between Monopoly and every card-battle game ever created), two games I suck at but still enjoy. I watched Nintendo’s trailer, and it looks like there’s no card battling, but other than that it’s very much like Culdcept Saga. Oh and it’s Nintendo, so it has Mario characters and the dreaded MINI-GAMES. But Square Enix is involved too, so it also has DRAGON QUEST CHARACTERS!!! And… AND… it has local and online multiplayer.

Metacritic has it at a 71 so far, which is just a few points below Culdcept Saga’s 75. I’m curious… I’m not quite buy-curious, but I’ll keep an eye out for this one at my local Redbox.

Are Games Art?

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The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power

One game that always comes to mind when this topic is brought up is Okami. Their is no better example of "eye candy" on any platform.

So, are games art? There is no way I am going to answer that in this one, short post. I can say right now that if anyone asked the most passionate of gamers out there, their answer would be a confident “yes”. I’ve always been unsure of how to answer that. I get insecure discussing this topic with rabid gamers just as I would discussing politics with my Dad. Read more »