TGOJ Thanksgiving Retro Review – Eggomania

by Josh

A chicken that looks like a turkey shitting eggs onto a frog looking bear with a tray on his head...genius!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all stay awake long enough after your Thanksgiving feasts to get some valuable vacation-game time in. I was trying to think of a Thanksgiving and turkey related video game and the only game that came to mind was the 1982 Atari game Eggomania starring a chicken that looked like a turkey. This game played much like Kaboom for the Atari. The turkey-chicken would crap eggs onto the lower half of the screen and the player would have to control the blue bear (yes, that’s a bear) across the bottom of the screen with an Atari paddle. The bear would catch these eggs with a plate attached to his head. The object was simple, catch as many eggs as possible. At the end of a round, you had the opportunity to launch the eggs back at the turkey-chicken for bonus points. The game had two challenge levels which would alter the size of the plate on the bears head. After each round, the game would naturally increase in difficulty as the gameplay would increase in speed. There isn’t much more to say about this crap game, but it served its purpose for me as acting as our holiday retro review to you readers. Don’t play this pile of shit, just check out some gameplay footage on YouTube.

Have a great turkey day everyone, and be sure to take advantage of all those sales out there right now to grab some of the great games that have been released this year. I’ve already given a recap of what games I deemed worthy of a purchase. Also check out Cheap Ass Gamer to direct you to all the great video game deals out there right now.

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