Episode 6: DOOM

by Mike

DOOM!!!!  Doom was one of the defining games in the early days of the first-person shooter genre, and it’s still a damn fun game today. But I won’t make you waste brain cycles reading text… when you can listen instead!

It takes huge balls to attack this guy with a chainsaw while there's a rocket flying out of his crotch.

Why is this Episode 6?  What the hell?  What happened to 3-5?  Did we pull a Final Fantasy?  No… we just decided to stop breaking the episodes up into Episode θ Part 3.14159 and stuff like that.  There were 5 parts before, so this is Episode 6.  Enjoy!

(And if you want to read about a guy who turns into a Baron of Hell when you get between him and donuts, go check out The Useless Trip.)

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